Sunday, June 13, 2010

My sweeties

June 2010
Well, all I can say is WOW!
Micah is 5 and has had some trouble with not sleeping in his own bed, he always comes to our room in the middle of the night. Chloe(2 years) has always slept right beside me.....never in her own bed. Claire(10 mo) is in my room But her own little bed. Ya know I wanted to train her right.... (HA HA) Why? Did I purposely do this? The answer..... I am a mom whom cares very much about the children and their feelings. Micah was scared of the dark so i did not want to make him lie there in the dark...the fact he stole every nite light in the house and plugged in his room beside the point. Chloe well it's all she knew and it is her comfort to be right next to me. Claire well she is so little...right?
Well, My hubby was growing tired of the bed situation and wanted to snuggle when ever he wanted....Also with his back was not a good mix(children's feet and elbows and bad back). So after pumping myself up with Super nanny reruns I decided to try. Now I braced myself for torture and screaming and fit throwing for a few weeks. Tonight is the 4th night..... ALL asleep in their own beds!
The first night it did involve some crying and sobbing and Daddy and Mommy had to lie with them individually. Last night and tonight... baths, story time, prayers, soft classical music and waterfall noisemaker and fan while rocking baby Claire and Chloe lies in her bed knowing I am rocking baby and she falls asleep! Claire loves to be rocked so she goes to sleep.
In the other room...Same routine but Garrett and Micah have always listened to a Bible scripture cd to soft music and then after prayers they go to sleep. Micah does get back up but we walk him back to his bed.After a few grumbles and lying with him he does go to sleep.
Now this is a huge deal for me! I felt completely lost in my room at first! I missed them and wanted to go wake them up! LOL
The baby wakes up once but after a bottle and pacifier she goes back to sleep. Chloe wakes up as well...still working on that....she ends up lying with me. But all in all I feel it's progress, I have stuck with it and so I am excited about it. I know it will be best for everyone .
Now I am going to finish decorating the girl's room....we are painting flowers and butterflies on their wall!
I desire to tighten and reconstruct a smoother schedule for everything..... I really want to see their security knowing "this is what we do now, then next we do this, etc..etc..etc..." I just am feeling like a proud Mamma right now...Loving my kids!!
Next task...potty training Chloe.....

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