Friday, July 18, 2008

Redeemer Lives Flag Presentation

This was a Flag Presentation done Easter 08, here at Life Center. This is the flag team here with various shots, just a short clippin! Song playing is "Redeemer Lives" by Nicole Mulen enjoy!

Garrett turning 2

This was too cute!! Garrett was turning 2 and was saying "Yeahhh" in a cool way his dad always says, and we got him on tape saying it shaking those cute little curls!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Garrett's Baptism

Garrett was baptized July 5th, Life Center, San Antonio by Pastor Paul.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Wayne and Cheryl
If you are looking at this you probally know us allready! The lastest news since some of you have seen us is Yes we had a baby girl..Chloe! Wayne is a licensed Pastor and working towards Ordination. He is continuing on in school to finish.
I have opened my own buisness , I also am a Melaleuca Consultant (these are ALL Natural products if you arenot familiar). Wayne was retrained from Firefighting into Chaplain Assistant. He Also had back surgery this last year, it took away his leg pain, but we are still believeing A complete Healing will manifest.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Meet Chloe

Chloe is now 8 months old! Chloe is crawling, and laughing, pulling herself up to standing now ! She is so friendly, she has so much Joy! When she wakes up, she is smiling. She enjoys being held, but her favorite thing is to be on the carpet where she can move and do what she wants. She loves all of her brothers, she laughs so hard when Garrett and Micah act silly and goofy. She is growing so fast, I can't believe it!
She is now enjoying finding out new tastes of foods from table, and those lips start smacking as soon as she smells it! Chloe is a Blessing and we are so happy with her! Everyone thinks she looks like Garrett...I think so too! She definatly knows what a camara is!!
She is A little attached to me, but I don't mind!! It's different for me though buying pink now... I am having fun picking out her clothes!The Best dressed girl on the block I'm sure!!Heehee One thing she kicks all her shoes matter which I put on her... a sure sign she will be a Dancer!!!

Meet Micah

Micah is 3 years old! Micah is very outgoing, funny, joyful, and just awesome! HE is so much like Garrett, he tries to copy everything he says and does. Micah likes to go outside and play in the water, the pool, his swingset, bubbles...anything outside. He is very arts and crafty, and this would occupy him for hours! He loves to paint! One day He and Garrett got in the paint and I take my eyes off for 5 minutes turn around and they are the canvas..they are completly covered in Blue paint!

He loves his brothers! He loves his sister, he had a little ruff time at first once Chloe arrived, but got over it within the week! He thought wait a minute now I am King around this place! Now He loves playing with her on the carpet now that she laughs and crawls and pullsup. He likes acting silly to make her laugh.

Micah is starting to really grow up, his personality is hilarious, cute as a button! He loves to dance and sing, His favorite movie right now is Transformers...oh my.. I have memorized it I am sure!!

Micah is a Joy and such a sweetie!

Meet Garrett

Garrett is 7 years old! He has always been homeschooled and going in 2nd grade! He is such a sweet, loving, funny person. He loves to make people laugh. He enjoys hanging out with all of his brothers, he tends to think he is just as old as the older ones! Garrett and Micah love playing outside in the sun, Garrett loves riding bikes and skateboarding.
He played soccer last summer on the base team and enjoyed it so much, he was very good at it too!
He recently got his very own MP3 player, and all that's on it is the music his older brothers listen to...forget Veggie Tales...Garrett is way to cool for that!
Garrett enjoys spending time with his family and misses his old friends he had in Fla. He enjoys his church and has met some friends there. He recently got baptized here, as he asked Jesus in His heart about a year ago! He will grow to be a Mighty Warrior, I just know it! He is determined and tenacious in everything he does, so in the Spirit that is powerful...huh!!
He keeps me on my toes in homeschooling..... things are just so easy for him, and he doesnot like being treated young, like when it calls for songs he looks at me and says" No mom really you don't have to do that, just keep going" Heehee!!
Garrett is a Blessing and we love him very much!

Meet Jacey

Jacey is 14 years old and going into 9th grade, a freshman in high school. He is also Homeschooled and this will be his 8th year. Jacey is so gifted in the area of computers, he really knows what he's doing.. I ask him for help when I need it. He makes video movies with music, slideshows of our family , and he really enjoys making video games as well on some type of computer program.
Jacey last summer played soccer on the base team, and ended up being the star player... The coach loved him! He was all time goalie. He will be playing again this year as well when it is time. He loves football, biking,skating, tricks and jumps and the whole nine yards! He recently had a cast on his arm for a broken arm for a whole month..he was playing football! He is our Athelete! His dream is to go to F.S.U. and play football!!
Jacey is a good big brother and you should see how sweet he is to his little sister, and he is patient with his younger brothers too...when they cooperate. He is a good sport !! He LOVES to have fun, and makes jokes constantly! He will crack the jokes out left and right, and uses alot of sarcastic humor, which keeps us laughing. He does indeed bring Joy in the house.
He also likes to help his parents any way he can, and he likes to keep busy. He is a compassionate person and cares about his family very much.
Jacey plays the Bass guitar, and likes learning new songs with that. He has learned some on the trumpet and he is gifted in blowing the Shofar in church and in our home. For now in this season, he is serving in our church as Audio/Visual support... in Worship!! Jacey also has a gift and strong desire for drawing and painting.. I feel God really wants to deepen this and use it for Him!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Meet Cameron

Cameron is 16 years old. He is a musician, he plays guitar and piano. He writes his own music and likes to record them. He is really enjoying making music videos on the computer to his favorite songs and posts them on God Tube. He recently was involved in our previous church in Fl. on the youth worship band, Now in this season of life is playing Electric guitar on the church worship team, he really enjoys it. He is really into Christain rock, and very careful to check out the bands before buying the cds. He only listens to Christian his choice, and only buys cds that the band is devoted to God and walks the walk.
Cameron will be in 11th grade, a junior in high school this next school year. He is still homeschooled , this will be his 8th year homeschooled! He is enrolled thru the Abeka Academy Homeschool program,which they keep up with his grades and transcripts, and credits, he is a straight A student!
He is a very funny person as well, keeps us laughing. He has a sarcastic humor that is so funny. He loves to help with his younger siblings and good at it too! He is self motivated with house chores and helping out, and a bit of "perfectionist".
All in all Cameron is a wonderful person, and We are Blessed with him, He Loves The Lord with all his Heart, and wants to Please God in all ways.

The Blake Family

Wayne, Cheryl
Cameron, JAcey, Garrett, Micah, Chloe