Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My New lifestyle

Recently I started on a lifestyle journey to change. I knew I was healthy but I also knew my diet if left to it's own devices would end up with not so hot results in the long run. 6 weeks ago I joined a neighborhood boot camp challenge. I thought it was an exercise program to get us in shape.Little did I know once I joined it was an intense detox, HIIT, program. For 6 weeks I had to quit cold turkey ALL sugar, ALL Grains, All Dairy, limited fruit. I knew it would be tuff but day 2 into it.... OH MY WORD! I had body aches, pains and throbs, headaches, blurred vision,Chills, cold sweats. Yes, it was intense. I started getting better by day 5. I wanted and craved the foods I was used to eating, I had trouble finding foods I liked for lunch, I found myself at times so overwhelmed I would sit and cry on my stairs. This clued me in to HOW addicted I was to JUNK! I did not want that at all, so I decided I would stick this thing out. I researched the articles and information our personal fitness coach gave us, all the added chemicals in our foods, all the added stuff in dairy and meat and eggs, how we need to know the difference between grass fed and cage free, agave nectar verses honey and stevia, whole grains not good for us due to gluten and all the health problems gluten causes. Aspartame is in everything, terrible terrible side effects. Artificial sweeteners, diet cokes..all have aspartame. Non fat milk and low fat cheese ALL MEANS they take the whole milk out of it and replace it with sugar, aspartame and FAKE chemicals. Our bodies cannot digest this crap! It was all so overwhelming and alarming. At that point I could not keep ignoring and pretending I did not Know anymore. God holds us responsible for what we know. So our grocery trip started becoming a tad stressful, finding acceptable foods and reading labels and seeing pretty much everything has added sugar, and corn syrup. If a food product has ingredients you can't pronounce...you shouldn't eat it.
2 and half weeks into the challenge I had all ready lost 8 lbs and clothes fitting better. I felt better, stronger, more in control of my diet. I was so happy I had mastered my appetite and not the other way around. As of now I lost total of 10 lbs, 2 inches off my waist, and 1 inch off hips. Cravings for sweets are not as controlling. I have learned to cook Real Food and even bake using honey. I find it very rewarding to try new recipes and they come out great.
Now, switching my kids over is a bit difficult but they are coming around.
The challenge is over but I plan to still eat this way and workout HIIT at home while running as well. My goal is to run a couple 5k's with my son and a 10k. Not a marathon, BUT it's a goal for me.When I get old I want to be in shape, fit Healthy with no problems and be able to run and keep up with anyone. I want to be an example to my kids and their future spouses and  their future kids.
I am so happy I have learned all this information and switched to the Paleo lifestyle.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My sweeties

June 2010
Well, all I can say is WOW!
Micah is 5 and has had some trouble with not sleeping in his own bed, he always comes to our room in the middle of the night. Chloe(2 years) has always slept right beside me.....never in her own bed. Claire(10 mo) is in my room But her own little bed. Ya know I wanted to train her right.... (HA HA) Why? Did I purposely do this? The answer..... I am a mom whom cares very much about the children and their feelings. Micah was scared of the dark so i did not want to make him lie there in the dark...the fact he stole every nite light in the house and plugged in his room beside the point. Chloe well it's all she knew and it is her comfort to be right next to me. Claire well she is so little...right?
Well, My hubby was growing tired of the bed situation and wanted to snuggle when ever he wanted....Also with his back was not a good mix(children's feet and elbows and bad back). So after pumping myself up with Super nanny reruns I decided to try. Now I braced myself for torture and screaming and fit throwing for a few weeks. Tonight is the 4th night..... ALL asleep in their own beds!
The first night it did involve some crying and sobbing and Daddy and Mommy had to lie with them individually. Last night and tonight... baths, story time, prayers, soft classical music and waterfall noisemaker and fan while rocking baby Claire and Chloe lies in her bed knowing I am rocking baby and she falls asleep! Claire loves to be rocked so she goes to sleep.
In the other room...Same routine but Garrett and Micah have always listened to a Bible scripture cd to soft music and then after prayers they go to sleep. Micah does get back up but we walk him back to his bed.After a few grumbles and lying with him he does go to sleep.
Now this is a huge deal for me! I felt completely lost in my room at first! I missed them and wanted to go wake them up! LOL
The baby wakes up once but after a bottle and pacifier she goes back to sleep. Chloe wakes up as well...still working on that....she ends up lying with me. But all in all I feel it's progress, I have stuck with it and so I am excited about it. I know it will be best for everyone .
Now I am going to finish decorating the girl's room....we are painting flowers and butterflies on their wall!
I desire to tighten and reconstruct a smoother schedule for everything..... I really want to see their security knowing "this is what we do now, then next we do this, etc..etc..etc..." I just am feeling like a proud Mamma right now...Loving my kids!!
Next task...potty training Chloe.....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Well here it is June 2010...our plans right now, finishing up school with Garrett and Jacey and of course keep reviewing with Micah and Chloe their letters and numbers so they won't forget everything. But full days only 1 to 2 more weeks. I cannot believe I have a high school graduate! He will continue college in August...so proud of him.

We are "tentatively" planning a trip to Florida for the purpose of introducing Claire to her grandparents and family. She actually will turn 1 year old while there. She has grown so much and such a joy. The trip is not set in stone yet....

I know this is a random post but I have many thoughts going on in my mind.

Do I have a large family...yes somewhat...not compared to others at a home school conference...HEEHEE Some there have 9 or 10 ! Plus 2 of mine are older teens .
Do I Love God with all that is in me...Yes and sometimes to some this can come across as fanatical or weird to hear some things and movies and music we do not associate with.
Do I Worship in a non traditional way...YES and I dance and raise my hands and shout and twirl, use flags and praise hoops.
Do I love going DEEP in God...you better believe it, I want it all or nothing!
Do I disagree worldliness and compromise in so called Christians ...yes I do. I also believe if you Love God and Praise God in one breath you cannot curse , talk crudely and gossip and slander in another...Bible says the 2 don't mix...you cannot serve God and the world.
Do I love Homeschooling..YES I do and I happen to take alot of pride in my children's accomplishments. I in no way shape or form want my kids in public school...been there done that! Christian school would be an option but with more then 1 or 2 enrolled...yeah well you get the point. And with curriculum choice and home school coops...pretty much similar anyways and I depend on Jesus to lead and guide me to do it. And again this is what God has for MY life not everyone. I don't judge or think anything when others send their kids to school....that's best for them and their family. Some are called to go "out" in the world to be lights.
Do I hold friendship and Family close? Yes you better believe it.. I value all my relationships and if you want close then I am open to it...and will treat you with respect and honor as a human being. You never know how another person will affect your life if you prejudge and close up and put up walls. Plus none of us are guaranteed another day..what if something happened to someone...would you have treated them differently?Let the wall down and be open to changes and new friendships and yes this can even be with family members.Your family and extended family should be as tight as can be....defending, loving, and cherishing one another. Live with no regrets. I heard one time in a sermon God placed you in your family ancestry line on divine purpose. Your relatives, your siblings, your parents and your friends.........planned by God.

I Love my Husband, my children and thanks God for every single one of them..... I don't regret my life or anything in it ever.... To me I have the best. AS To every person their life should be the best to them...never envy others or criticize and belittle because you don't agree with their choice of life. By whose standards is it weird or wrong? The only thing we judge by is God's word......

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Blake Home

In April 2009 Wayne and I bought our first home. We had lived overseas for 10 years so we hadnot the oppurtunity before so this was a pretty big deal to us!

We bought in San Antonio Texas in a neighborhood about 20 minutes out of town. The neighborhood is perfect for the kids, country club, pool and weight room, park, basketball area, tennis courts, and bike and walking trails. We were Blessed with a 5 bedroom, 4 bathrooms, extra game room, 2800 SQ. Ft not incredibly huge but big enough for us. I am just thrilled I got to paint the girls room pink!!

The Awesome thing is I looked back over a journal I had wrote a prayer in 6 years ago and saw a prayer in there that I had prayed to god about a house with everything I just listed! God had answered my prayer. I am not sure If we will stay in San Antonio forever but I do know for now we are enjoying our house, there is nothing like owning your on house after living overseas for 10 years and living in base housing not being able to paint or do projects or renting houses .

We are very happy and feel very Blessed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My first Dance

I was listening to the song "I can only Imagine" as I was blogging earlier. It brought back a flood of memories. The way God brought dance and flags in my life was pretty amazing in itself. I of all people who never imagine that I would dance in front of people in church! But God did so much in my life and I was so Thankful He had received me back and wiped my slate completly clean. I was overjoyed! Well I was drawn to the flags as I wasnot sure what they were and wow were they pretty and when I watched as they were used I could literally feel the atmosphere change.

So I studied on them, my friend put one in my hand and I had no idea what to do with it! You would think you'd know but No I didnot know! LOL I kept studying, researching, it was drawing me to know everything I could on it. The Bible was full of scriptures on Flags, Dance,Tambourines. Then I began studying the History of it and meanings.

So In 2004 at a Women's retreat...now keep in mind I had NEVER Danced in front of People before..was asked to do a prophetic dance for our women. I wanted to say NO but I knew in my spirit I was suppose to! I wasnot sure which song or even what to do...My friend Amanda and I were talkin one day about all this and I said "Amanda I have no idea which song" Amanda says " I can Only Imagine I wouldnot know either" we Both Paused and then we laughed We both knew which song!!!

So I danced to I Can Only Imagine and it was Amazing HOW God took over!! He is Lord of The Dance! He had me doing moves I know I cannot do on my own and He spoke to all of us in a special way. For me it broke such a Burden of shyness and shame off of me! I was able to express my gratitude to god in a physical way that spoke much louder than words. I am not a very talkative person but I am a deep thinker and I have always danced but never in church or in front of anyone. So This was a way I could connect with God.

Since It has kept on...not much in the last year due to a move and a new baby...but my heart still loves it. I after that first dance was free in my spirit and I began using flags and hoops in my worship. It grew and grew and now I share that openly with anyone who wants to learn.

I began making my own and I felt to open up my webstore Jehovahsworship (Jehovah meaning God ) to help others and to equip others to be free in worship and Thankfulness to God! Another way of expressing themselves! We are all different and creative arts in worship is a wonderful way for an outward expression of what's going on in the heart.

This picture isnot the very first dance cause I don't have those pics but this pic is of the 2nd prophetic dance I did but there has NEVER been a dance that compared to that very first time!

Busy Days

Wow! My oldest started his second semester of Dual credit classes at the college here in San Antonio. He is also finishing up his senior year of high school which that is homeschool. Jacey has recently joined the track team thru Feast which is a Coop Umbrella school for homeschoolers. The track practices are Mon and Wed for 2 hours but the practice meet is 45 minutes from us! So 1 hour there , 1 hour back, 2 hour practices.... you get the point I am making. His Meets are on the weekends hear they can last up to 5 hours....As I am not looking forward to this commitment of a schedule, I am looking forward to Jacey being committed to something he wants to do and do it. I feel as a home school student I Have to do this so He can be involved in sports. Plus look at the added benefits he will get for being physically fit.Plus internally what satisfaction he will get to reach goals. Eric Liddel comes to mind... running our Christian race with Perseverance.
So on top of this Garrett and Jacey do Tae-Kwan-Do on Thursdays...they love it. This is an outlet and it teaches discipline. Fridays Cameron has music lessons which Garrett is talking about going back but as of right now we are not sure. Cameron has a band which has a couple practices in there during the week. Sundays as of now are my only free days.
AS I Really don't want this busy of a schedule... there is really nothing I can cut out on. It's just part of my life with 6 children, 2 of which are teens and cannot drive themselves yet. but I have to think ..God gave me these children and all their wants and desires and interests so God knows about music practices, and college classes that are only bettering him, He knows about track and Tae-Kwan-Do that is benefit ting my athlete, He knows that Garrett is trying to figure out exactly where his interests are, He also knows that I am one woman and need some downtime..so I need to Trust that He knows when I can get that time to unwind.

During this I am trying very hard and building 2 businesses; Melalueca and My JehovahsWorship. both of which are doing well. I enjoy both. So I have to make time for that. I Really wanted to take advantage of going back to school right now at night BUT I really donot Know for sure yet. I would like to as there is a Military spouse scholarship right now and I would love to finish school. I WANT to go to school for Teaching but as we know that will take years to finish so something quick I thought of was going to school for Medical Transcriptionist! That way I could begin to work in like 4 months and make money while at home with the kids. Not my dream job...but I would like something quick. I just hope it works out where I can go.

I guess what it boils down to is I need a Schedule! I am talking where everything in this house is scheduled! Breakfast time, snack time, math time, reading time, nap time, you get the point. Certain days are laundry, other days are bathrooms and mopping. I have not done this yet...but seriously I need too!! Any suggestions?? My baby still awakes in the night so bright n early is hard.
I Love being a busy Mom I do I just am the type of person that likes things done well and I want to do all of this well! I like order and smoothness.LOL Just thought I'd share the busyness of Blake house..I know I am not the only busy mom out there but at the moment I needed to unwind and vent a little ! Take care till next Blog!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan 2010

Well, Hello there! it has been an extremly long time since I have been on this blog but thoght I would begin again with it as I feel it will be very unwinding and focus time. I celebrated my 37th birthday last month in Dec. and honestly having kinda a hard time dealing with the fact I am now very close to 40...I know 3 more years. But it's just hard facing that my 20's are gone. I have had a wonderful life so far, Blessed with 6 wonderful children and a great husband. But I liked the fact that I was a young mom to my oldest 2 now with my last 2 I will be old when they are teens. How will I keep up? Will they think I am too old to go to the mall with them? I want to have fun with my daughters when they get to be teens not an old lady. Also a part of me just never grasped I would be "one of those middle aged women" but I find myself not really caring that I am in the store with no makeup and hair hasnot been done and I have whatever on, not caring to hold in my stomach...what has happened to me? Do I still want to be attractive...of course, I think it is a fear that I can't...we've all seen those old women who try and dress and look young and they end up looking ridculous.
I really want to come to an inner peace knowing that turning 37 and even in 3 years 40 and then after that that it doesnot have to be a depressing thing of doom n gloom. I look back at pics of when I was in my late 20's and just wish I would of appreciated my youth more.What was I complaining about?? I don't feel that I should be this old?
I find myself looking at other women and wondering how old they are , looking at older people and wondering what will I look like when I am their age. Will my hubby still find me attractive with no figure and sags and wrinkles? I know what you r thinking....trust me I am getting on my own nerves with this. I now am buying anti age cremes, hair color, my son told me I have old hands and feet ..well thanks...now I need to buy some heavy duty moisturizer.
Oh well....Life but I sure am kicking n screaming down this whole age hall thing.... this totally sucks..but I am Thankful I am alive and I am thankful God has given great DNA and genes, my parents look amazing for old people!LOL I am thankful for a wonderful family and children and hubby who loves me. I wonder if he feels the same as I do about him with the aging.... No he doesnot look the same as when we dated and first got married......BUT I find him MORE attractive now with his graying hair here n there and little bit of smile lines he has I find very distinquished. Could it be that as we age we gain confidence and wisdom and knowledge of life that life is about more than what we think it is when we are 18 and 19. Maybe It's the Unconditional Love I know He has for me that attracts me, maybe it's that Really True Love and true attraction runs much deeper than surface I think our looks matter don't get me wrong but its the character and what is in the person that comes shining thru. My Hubby can light up a room when he walks in it....His smile, his laugh is amazing.
I guess that leaves me here...instead of fighting the aging process which is gonna happen embrace the wisdom and strength I have and be the woman God intends me to be. I hope God gives me some awesome good looks to go along with it but ya know..... LOL I will develop more Internal looks..my character, my attitude, my Love I give to others. Yes I will do my best exercise, eat as best I can and use my awesome Melalueca products but the main thing my spirit! Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks at the Heart!