Saturday, June 12, 2010

Well here it is June 2010...our plans right now, finishing up school with Garrett and Jacey and of course keep reviewing with Micah and Chloe their letters and numbers so they won't forget everything. But full days only 1 to 2 more weeks. I cannot believe I have a high school graduate! He will continue college in proud of him.

We are "tentatively" planning a trip to Florida for the purpose of introducing Claire to her grandparents and family. She actually will turn 1 year old while there. She has grown so much and such a joy. The trip is not set in stone yet....

I know this is a random post but I have many thoughts going on in my mind.

Do I have a large family...yes somewhat...not compared to others at a home school conference...HEEHEE Some there have 9 or 10 ! Plus 2 of mine are older teens .
Do I Love God with all that is in me...Yes and sometimes to some this can come across as fanatical or weird to hear some things and movies and music we do not associate with.
Do I Worship in a non traditional way...YES and I dance and raise my hands and shout and twirl, use flags and praise hoops.
Do I love going DEEP in better believe it, I want it all or nothing!
Do I disagree worldliness and compromise in so called Christians ...yes I do. I also believe if you Love God and Praise God in one breath you cannot curse , talk crudely and gossip and slander in another...Bible says the 2 don't cannot serve God and the world.
Do I love Homeschooling..YES I do and I happen to take alot of pride in my children's accomplishments. I in no way shape or form want my kids in public school...been there done that! Christian school would be an option but with more then 1 or 2 enrolled...yeah well you get the point. And with curriculum choice and home school coops...pretty much similar anyways and I depend on Jesus to lead and guide me to do it. And again this is what God has for MY life not everyone. I don't judge or think anything when others send their kids to school....that's best for them and their family. Some are called to go "out" in the world to be lights.
Do I hold friendship and Family close? Yes you better believe it.. I value all my relationships and if you want close then I am open to it...and will treat you with respect and honor as a human being. You never know how another person will affect your life if you prejudge and close up and put up walls. Plus none of us are guaranteed another day..what if something happened to someone...would you have treated them differently?Let the wall down and be open to changes and new friendships and yes this can even be with family members.Your family and extended family should be as tight as can be....defending, loving, and cherishing one another. Live with no regrets. I heard one time in a sermon God placed you in your family ancestry line on divine purpose. Your relatives, your siblings, your parents and your friends.........planned by God.

I Love my Husband, my children and thanks God for every single one of them..... I don't regret my life or anything in it ever.... To me I have the best. AS To every person their life should be the best to them...never envy others or criticize and belittle because you don't agree with their choice of life. By whose standards is it weird or wrong? The only thing we judge by is God's word......

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