Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Busy Days

Wow! My oldest started his second semester of Dual credit classes at the college here in San Antonio. He is also finishing up his senior year of high school which that is homeschool. Jacey has recently joined the track team thru Feast which is a Coop Umbrella school for homeschoolers. The track practices are Mon and Wed for 2 hours but the practice meet is 45 minutes from us! So 1 hour there , 1 hour back, 2 hour practices.... you get the point I am making. His Meets are on the weekends hear they can last up to 5 hours....As I am not looking forward to this commitment of a schedule, I am looking forward to Jacey being committed to something he wants to do and do it. I feel as a home school student I Have to do this so He can be involved in sports. Plus look at the added benefits he will get for being physically fit.Plus internally what satisfaction he will get to reach goals. Eric Liddel comes to mind... running our Christian race with Perseverance.
So on top of this Garrett and Jacey do Tae-Kwan-Do on Thursdays...they love it. This is an outlet and it teaches discipline. Fridays Cameron has music lessons which Garrett is talking about going back but as of right now we are not sure. Cameron has a band which has a couple practices in there during the week. Sundays as of now are my only free days.
AS I Really don't want this busy of a schedule... there is really nothing I can cut out on. It's just part of my life with 6 children, 2 of which are teens and cannot drive themselves yet. but I have to think ..God gave me these children and all their wants and desires and interests so God knows about music practices, and college classes that are only bettering him, He knows about track and Tae-Kwan-Do that is benefit ting my athlete, He knows that Garrett is trying to figure out exactly where his interests are, He also knows that I am one woman and need some downtime..so I need to Trust that He knows when I can get that time to unwind.

During this I am trying very hard and building 2 businesses; Melalueca and My JehovahsWorship. both of which are doing well. I enjoy both. So I have to make time for that. I Really wanted to take advantage of going back to school right now at night BUT I really donot Know for sure yet. I would like to as there is a Military spouse scholarship right now and I would love to finish school. I WANT to go to school for Teaching but as we know that will take years to finish so something quick I thought of was going to school for Medical Transcriptionist! That way I could begin to work in like 4 months and make money while at home with the kids. Not my dream job...but I would like something quick. I just hope it works out where I can go.

I guess what it boils down to is I need a Schedule! I am talking where everything in this house is scheduled! Breakfast time, snack time, math time, reading time, nap time, you get the point. Certain days are laundry, other days are bathrooms and mopping. I have not done this yet...but seriously I need too!! Any suggestions?? My baby still awakes in the night so bright n early is hard.
I Love being a busy Mom I do I just am the type of person that likes things done well and I want to do all of this well! I like order and smoothness.LOL Just thought I'd share the busyness of Blake house..I know I am not the only busy mom out there but at the moment I needed to unwind and vent a little ! Take care till next Blog!

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